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Virginia Beach Small Businesses: Today’s Marketplace

Friday, October 11th, 2013

It’s Fall, which is a great time for us to evaluate our business standings for the remainder of the year and the next. There are many changes occurring financially, politically and in many other areas, and our businesses must also be evaluated to ensure smooth operation and productivity is kept to a maximum.

What used to be the standard marketplace conditions even a year ago are now completely different. The small business marketplace is a whole new world. When the standards and conditions change, so must your IT and computer support. Most people would never use a 5 year old antivirus program and expect it to protect them against today’s latest threats. However, many companies do just that, by not updating and keeping current with their small business networks, security and website strategies.

Today’s threats and trends are so fast-paced and fluid, attackers now routinely search for and target those companies who are still using old technology and methods in their businesses. This is why we concentrate on the latest threats and provide solutions to stay a step ahead of these changes, and not just react to them.


Why Choose Hampton Roads Computer?

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

In today’s sea of Walmart, Sears, Lowes, and other ‘big box’ stores, many have come to accept these large companies as the standard for finding groceries, supplies and other merchandise. However, is bigger and complex always better?
In the IT / Computer repair world, the same is true – there are the monster IT support companies with large contracts and huge client bases, but can they always provide the best service?
Here are some reasons to consider calling a more specialized company such as Hampton Roads Computer Repair over a ‘big box’ computer company:


  • We offer more specialized service than larger companies
  • We respond much faster to your service requests
  • Things easily ‘slip through the cracks’ with larger companies
  • Overhead is LOWER so prices are also
  • We are certified, trained professionals, not the ‘cheapest’ employee the company can find
  • We come to you
  • We offer attention to detail, we provide higher workmanship
  • You are a customer to us, not a number
  • We are honest, not trying to just make a sale


Hampton Roads Computer Repair may not be the largest or loudest company in the area, but we strive to be the best. Accidentally deleted those priceless photos? Tell us the photos you want back the most and we will work hardest to recover those. Unlike some large IT companies, your opinion matters to us. We offer Virginia Beach Computer Repair, Chesapeake Computer repair, Norfolk Computer repair, laptop repair, Virginia Beach printer repair, Chesapeake printer repair, HP laserjet repairs, Hampton Roads IT support, wireless networking and configuration, Hard drive data recovery, camera photo recovery, electronics repair, and so much more!