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Is Your Data Safe?

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

In today’s world where everything is going digital, including health records, driving records, photos, documents, licenses, etc., it’s more important than ever to safeguard your data. Is your data safe? Many people may think so, but what steps are you taking to protect it?

Let’s face it, the most important part of a computer system is the data. The hardware and parts can all be easily replaced, but if you have the parts without the data, what good is the computer?

While working on computers in the Virginia Beach / Chesapeake and greater Hampton Roads area, we have found many companies that offer ‘low cost’ or ‘cut-rate’ computer repair services, many of which are run by individuals who are of questionable origin. One company we researched was run out of a garage by a teenager still in high school! While it may pay to have your smart IT nephew or relative help out with technology questions, do you really want to expose your most important asset – your data – to someone you really do not know that well?

In today’s economy many people and companies have severely cut back operations and are looking for deals, but we have seen over and over again, computers are the wrong area to cut back on. I personally would pay a little more to someone I trust and know will take care of my data than to save a small amount, just to have my identity stolen a few months later because the computer shop I chose threw my old drives out in the dumpster without properly wiping them.

Many people have no idea how much information they are giving to the ‘repair guy’ when they hand over their computers for repair. Not only are they giving the data currently on the system, unscrupulous individuals can undelete or recover deleted data, and sift through files to spy on the customer.

The analogy is not far from a daycare – would you drop off your child to a day care you barely know? Of course a computer is much less valuable than a child, but the comparison is very similar.

We have seen how computer repair shops are run – from the inside- and implement steps and procedures to guarantee our clients are protected, while at the same time providing cost effective services.

Some things we have witnessed other repair shops doing first-hand that bother us:


* Talking to clients about other clients behind their backs

* Disposing of old hard drives and computer parts without sanitizing them

* Snooping through customers’ files in areas unrelated to the problem

* Installing junkware or remote access programs such as GotoMyPc or some best buy app, without the users’ knowledge

* Selling old computer parts such as hard drives on Ebay without the customers’ knowledge


These are just a few things we can guarantee will never happen to our customers, we sanitize all media after the customer is finished with it and privacy is always number one. The next time you need to have computer work done, just remember that your security is only as good as who you let into your computer!



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