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The Latest Threat – Malware

Saturday, March 2nd, 2013

Today’s computer threats have changed drastically even from a few years ago. No longer are the common everyday viruses the main offenders, more sophisticated malware and scripts brought in by vulnerable browsers and plugins can cause major headaches and downtime. We stay up to date by following these latest threats and finding ways to stop and prevent them. Unlike some companies, we can not only disinfect and remove these pesky infections, we can usually tell you an exact date and time when your machine was infected, in addition to how it got there. How can an infection be prevented if the source is unknown? The source of most infections we find today originate in Asia and Eastern Europe, and some can run in the background virtually undetected. Some symptoms may be slow operation, popups, programs hanging or stalling, etc, but the most serious infections may never provide a symptom, and more advanced stages can even capture every keystroke. One infection we removed actually captured passwords for a user’s bank account and allowed them to withdraw funds from her bank account. This is a new type of infection which warrants the highest vigilance and security. We can show you what to avoid, antivirus programs that are virtually useless, and those which will provide the best security. Beware of any program that offers anything ‘free’, the old saying is usually true: “You get what you pay for”. Stay safe on the web!