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Malware Ransomware and Data Theft

Saturday, June 22nd, 2013

It’s in the news, in the papers, talk is all around – the latest threats are no longer simple viruses and nuisances, today’s primary threat is malware and ransomware. While performing Virginia beach computer repair and Chesapeake computer repair, we have recently come across these cutting edge malicious programs on several computers. The goal of these infections ranges anywhere from simply disabling a computer system to requiring the user to pay criminals to unlock their screen (such as in the fake FBI virus), to secretly stealing companies’ design information to send overseas to China or to a competitor.

While these infections are bad, the most serious kind is the infection that is silent and sits in the background capturing every keystroke and screenshots of what the user does on his/her computer. Some can even turn on the built-in webcam and send a live video feed from your computer to cybercriminals. How can we protect ourselves against these threats? Surfing unknown sites, looking for ‘free’ programs, and such can open the door to a computer infection that takes over your entire computer. All it takes is one wrong click and your computer may be infected. Many of our competitors charge their customers to ‘clean’ their computer, only to have the infection return at a later date. We know how to completely remove these infections and unlike our competitors, we can usually show you exactly when and where it came from.

Where do these infections come from? The majority of these newest infections come from China or Eastern Europe. We have seen programs written in Russian, Chinese, as well as other overseas languages. The language of the infection doesn’t matter as much as the payload, or dangerous part of the program.

If your computer is running slow, doing strange things, crashing, or doing other abnormal things, let us ensure it is clean and bring it back to optimum health!